Knowing your skin’s pH

“Investment in skincare is an investment in yourself”

Want to enhance your Skincare regime but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices brands and beauty guru’s are selling?  Start by getting to know your skin first, as it is the only one you have. 

The pH scale ranges from 1-14  where 7 is to be considered neutral. Lower numbers are more acidic and higher numbers are alkaline.  So, why is this important before starting your skincare regime?

The pH of our skin plays an important role in the overall Health of our skin.  A healthy skin is more acidic than alkaline. The perfect pH for our facial skin is between 4-7 pH. We all have something called an Acid Mantle. When we disrupt the acidity / acid mantle of our skin by using incorrect products, environmental influences etc,  it will leave the skin unprotected from harmful microbes or damaging free radicals which will increase aging.

That is maybe one of the reasons you might be experiencing: Skin flaking/ dry patches, break-outs, excessive secretion of sebum (oil), skin irritation etc. 

 Using the right products are key to protect the pH of your skin and keeping it balanced. 

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