Environ Sebuwash :
I would recommend this product to anyone struggling with break-outs!
I’ve been using it from end of 2018. I really enjoy how it softly cleanses my face removing all the excess oils while maintaining my skin’s natural moisture balance. The amount of tea tree oil in the Environ Sebuwash is just enough to help control any bacteria present on the skin. (Bacteria causes the break-outs)

Directions: Use Am & Pm
Small amount, warm up with room temperature water before in your hands until it starts to foam.
With circular motions cleanse the whole face avoiding the eye area. Add more water if it’s a bit sticky. Cleanse with water afterwards and dry with tissue/cotton wool. (No cloth or towel! Bacteria loves to live & breed in these places and cross-infection will occur)

Warning: Don’t use if you have an aspirin allergy.

Nude Lip Palette

Did someone say nudes? 
Some of my favorite from the #proartist . Freedom Make-up Lip Palette :Nude

Description: 24 nudes including 8 matte and 16 sheer designed as a portable palette for on the go.

Texture: Soft,shiny finish.

Durability: Will need a second application layer after eating drinking or even 2 hours of wearing.

Bought at : Muse Beauty (online store)

MAC Face & Body Foundation

Light wear foundation 🌿
If you don’t like a “heavy” feeling foundation, then I would definitely recommend this lovely MAC Studio Face & Body!

You can build it layer by layer for a fuller coverage and is very hydrating!
Especially with winter time approaching. If you tend to get really oily during the day, then rather add a waterproof powder to set your foundation. This foundation can also be added over your full coverage foundation to give it a dewy finish ✨
Tools : Any damp foundation sponge for best results. (Dab-dab) until it is fully blended into the skin

MAC Studio Sculpt Contour Palette

I love my MAC Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour Palete! No muddy smudge looking contour. The perfect touch to enhance your natural beauty! Xx


This must be one of my favorite setting sprays! This really locks the product in and complete the look beautifully. This will definitely not wreck the bank!

How to use: Spray direct onto face after make-up is complete. Can also be used before applying foundation after primer has been blended into skin.

Purchased: Muse SA online cosmetic store.


If you have dry to normal skin, I would definitely recommend the lovely MAC Studio Sculpt foundation!

TEXTURE: It has a creamy texture, that will hydrate the skin, instantly giving the skin a glowy and revitalized finished look. Which makes it perfect for dry skin.

COVERAGE: Medium to full buildable coverage with a natural satin finish.

Includes UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15.

USAGE: Apply to face using a sponge or foundation brush.